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For Sale

Bikes for Sale

From cruisers to BMX, the Bike Cave offers a variety of styles and sizes of reclaimed and "re-cycled" bikes at affordable prices. We also carry accessories for you and your bike.

The Bike Cave is now selling bikes online!  Bikes need to be picked up at the Cave during normal business hours within one week of purchase.

Bike riding through a puddle

We've got bikes!

Online sales will be available soon!

What size bike do I need?

Bike fit is a science that can often seem like an art. The fit is generally based on your body proportions and the main thing to keep in mind is that bike fit is all about comfort!

There are many sizing guides available online or stop by the Cave to try out some different sizes.

Buying Guide

The way to find the best bike for you is to decide what you plan on doing with the bike and how far you are going to ride.

Road bikes

Road bikes are fast on the road but poorly suited for off-road riding. A good use for a road bike is making any length of on-road commute quickly. These are the “fastest” bikes on the road, meaning that you get the most forward motion per pedal stroke. They are often more fragile than other types of bikes and can be a little daunting for beginners. The Bike Cave sells out of road bikes quickly.

Note - Some road bikes are fixed gears meaning that the pedals and cranks are directly tied to the rear wheel. This means that the cranks and pedals never stop spinning while the bike is moving. These bikes are initially more difficult to ride but can be just as effective as a geared bike after some practice.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are the best all-around bike in that they are decent on the road and designed for off-road use. A good use for a mountain bike is making shorter commutes on-road or commutes where you by choice or necessity go off-road. The Cave often generally has a lot of mountain bikes.

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes are bikes that are in between mountain bikes and road bikes. They are often the first bike that people buy and are great entry bikes. They are good for short on-road commutes or non-technical off-road commutes. The Cave generally has hybrids in stock


Cruisers are designed to be comfortable and slow. Often these bikes have only one gear, which can be hard to use in hilly San Marcos. They are good for short flat commutes.


There are several more esoteric bike types for specialty riding that are rarely for sale at the Bike Cave.  These include:

  • BMX
  • Touring
  • Track
  • Recumbent