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Biking at TXST

Biking on campus can seem daunting at first, especially with all the hills, but with a little studying, you'll be a pro at campus biking. 

Jackson repair station with Alkek in the background

Bike Repair Stations

Our bike repair stations provide easy access to all the tools you need to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, like changing a flat or adjusting a seat. These stations are designed to handle all types of bicycles.

  • Phillips & standard screwdrivers
  • Steel core tire levers (2)
  • Headset/pedal wrench
  • 8/10mm cone wrench
  • 9/11mm cone wrench
  • Torx T-25
  • Hex key set


Bike Map


Abandoned bicycles

Bike Roundup

The Bicycle Round-Up is an annual collection of abandoned bicycles on campus. 

During the Bicycle Round-Up, all abandoned bikes on the San Marcos campus are removed from racks and impounded.   A bicycle is considered abandoned if it is parked for more than a week in the same place on campus without moving. Bicycles may not be stored on campus over the summer. All bicycles attached to railings, signage, or landscaping will be impounded.

Registered bikes which are abandoned will also be collected.  If a lock is present it will be cut.  All bicycles will be held for 120 days after which they will be "re-cycled" by the Bike Cave staff.  Proof of ownership or R.ID.E Registration will be required to retrieve a bicycle after it is impounded.


Believe your bike was impounded?  Email us at