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RIDE Bike Registration

What is R.ID.E?

Registering your bicycle is a free and easy way to help keep your bike safe. Our registration database allows us to work with University Police in the event your bike is lost or stolen.


your bike with Transportation Services:

  • on-line with our registration form
  • at Transportation Services in 101 River House
  • at the Bike Cave located at 100 Colorado
  • at special events on the Quad (i.e., Bike to School Day)

Registered bikes are more likely to be recovered if stolen, and returned if lost or abandoned.


  • the serial numbers of your bicycle write it down in a safe, accessible place.
  • your bicycle specifically and in detail. Do you have specific types of parts? Are there scratches, chipped paint, etc.?
  • a safe, well-lit, high-traffic area to secure your bicycle.
  • any suspicious activity or persons in or around the bicycle racks. Do not approach a person who may be attempting to steal a bike; call UPD at 512.245.8336


  • yourself on the laws of the road for bicycles.
  • yourself on how to secure your bicycle properly.
  • yourself on the basic mechanics of your bicycle.
  • yourself on safe routes around the city and campus.
  • yourself on basic bicycle safety.